Formulary Management


More often than not, businesses want their new prescription benefit manager to match or mirror the setup of their current pharmacy formulary management. Prime’s PharmaPlus is perfectly equipped to do so!

Benefits to switching to PharmaPlus, particularly if you want a similar PBM plus pharmacy setup to your current system:

  • A “clone” of your current formularies, which we then develop to identify possible future changes in formulary coverage to meet your goals — all while keeping in mind your containment cost budgets
  • Ability to either create new formulary templates or copy existing ones
  • Flexible tier structure
  • Easily tier drugs and apply UM edits
  • Formulary modification by drug attribute categories (i.e. GPI, GCN, NDC, multi-source, etc.)
  • Powerful import capabilities
  • Ability to make changes to multiple formularies with just a few clicks