Data Integration/ Management Tools

One of the most difficult aspects of transitioning from one pharmacy management system to another is data migration. Translation, validation, processing — we’ve got it all here.

Our Pharmacy Data Management Features:

  • Local, secure execution of validations and translations
  • Support for all popular formats and databases, including:
    • standard delimited flat files
    • HIPAA releases, such as 4010, 5010, 6010
    • and everything in between!
  • Performance updates and improvements with each new release
  • A slew of customizable tools and choices for your prescription benefit manager’s specific needs
  • Servers and processing tools that connect via FTP, FTPS, HTTP, and other protocols
  • Automated validation runs
  • A standard database for EDI X12 40xx, 50xx and 60xx
  • Built-in validation of segments ISA, GS, ST, SE, GE, IEA
  • Validation reports produced in HTML and CSV
  • A fast and efficient validation engine
  • A native binary executable for Windows