• Pharmacy Benefit Manager - Core Application
  • Prescription Discount Program
  • Pharmacy Claims Processing
  • PBM Healthcare


Pharmacy Claims Processing

PharmaPlus’ proprietary claims processing engine is built on modern technology with a powerful service-oriented architecture and simple user experience.

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Pharmacy Benefits Configuration

At PharmaPlus, we offer our clients step-by-step guidance and support at every stop, whether it being consultation, installation, or post-setup. We are aware of your company’s individual needs, and our strong benefit design is equipped to craft a client-centric system specific to your demands.

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Network of Pharmacies

With an open and nationwide pharmacy network, PharmaPlus provides numerous variables, such as location convenience, discount options, etc., giving your clients the total benefit of the drug-pricing program.

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Administration & Maintenance

PharmaPlus offers a user-centric and multi-user management dashboard with an open interface. Through this, you can easily maintain multiple data files as well as easily interact with other frameworks and pharmacy management services.

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PharmaPlus’ built-in helpdesk comprises two parts. On one side, pharmacy technicians and pharmacists support pharmacies and its members to understand their benefits and resolve their issues. On the other, PharmaPlus’ helpdesk representatives are trained to provide you and your customers with the best possible experience.

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PharmaPlus is designed to achieve several objectives, including cost reduction for drugs and clinical services across the nation for your customers. It also ensures the best clinical outcomes to your members by providing a comprehensive set of options to meet their business needs.

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PharmaPlus’ pharmacy benefit manager provides you with cloud-based, multitenant premium subscriptions for data storage. PharmaPlus offers secure, easily accessible online storage for all authorized staff members.

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PharmaPlus provides a wide selection of fully configured, top-notch platforms to assist your business with cost control replica watches through real-time ad hoc, subscription, and even HIPAA-sensitive reporting — without a third-party solution.

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Services We Offer

  • Claims Processing
  • Flexible Plan Configuration
  • Comprehensive Custom Reports
  • National Retail Pharmacy Network
  • Competitive Pharmacy Contract Rates
  • High Generic Substitution
  • Integrated Mail Order and Specialty Pharmacies
  • Pharmacy / Client Services Help Desk – available 24/7 | Ticketing System
  • Prompt ID Cards in National Standard Format
  • Formulary Management
  • DUR for Member Safety / Plan Efficiency
  • Secure Access to Member Enrollment / Eligibility
  • Compliance and Audit